Leaders Coaching Leaders

Leaders Coaching Leaders Training supports the creation of a Coaching Culture. Be on the leading edge of creating a work environment where managers/leaders excel at coaching direct reports. This program is based on Emotional Intelligence. Leaders are quickly able to use coaching skills to motivate themselves and others.

Leaders Coaching Leaders Program Philosophy

The Leaders Coaching Leaders program is for individuals who have leadership responsibilities and who want to have competent coaching as part of their leadership skill set.

Coaching To Develop Emotional Intelligence

One of the most effective ways of accessing greater emotional competency is through coaching. Coaching helps develop sound leadership, outstanding interpersonal practices and the ability to manage organizational conflicts. Coaching is about creating the capacity for appreciative and supportive interaction that leads to the achievement of business results.

The positive emotional impact of a coach stems largely from the empathy and rapport the coach/leader establishes with people. A good coach communicates a belief in people’s potential and an expectation that they can do their best.

By the end of this program, Participants will:

  • Understand and apply emotional intelligence competencies to everyday coaching situations - Self Awareness, Self Management, Social Awareness and Relationship Management
  • Utilize questioning techniques to increase performance accountability
  • Receive specific feedback on coaching abilities.
  • Understand differences about managing, mentoring, and coaching.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in using the 5-step coaching process.
  • Understand and appropriately use assessments in the coaching process.
  • Apply key coaching tools to workplace issues.
  • Learn to effectively challenge others to improve performance.

Whether you are thinking of implementing a coaching program for your organization or simply looking to improve the coaching skills of your managers the Leaders Coaching Leaders program gives you skills and tools that can be implemented immediately.

For the employee, coaching...

  • Increases learning and performance.
  • Increases motivation and work satisfaction.
  • Provides a new perspective.
  • Promotes job satisfaction by showing that the organization is invested in his/her career development.

For managers, coaching...

  • Saves time by encouraging team members to take more control and responsibility.
  • Increases productivity by decreasing "have to" activity and increasing "want to" proactivity and performance.
  • Improves relationships with employees
  • Inspires motivation. Contributes to the work satisfaction of manager/coaches.

For the organization, coaching...

  • Increases retention rates.
  • Keeps employees involved and focused on satisfying work.
  • Maximizes productivity.
  • Leverages training, career development, and outplacement dollars.

What you will receive:

  • Two Day training program that provides opportunity for practice and feedback to increase confidence in coaching skills.
  • A professional portfolio with Workbook and Individual Questions Guide Four Assessments - DiSC Profile, DiSC Action Planner, Time Mastery Profile, and Talent Smart Emotional Intelligence Assessment
  • Four one-on-one coaching sessions as a follow-up to the training to support new skill development as coach.

Leader Coaching Leaders has four phases:

Phase 1 Two Day Workshop 8:30 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.

The 2-day workshop is designed to emphasize rapid application of practical principles, skills, and techniques

Phase 2 Four Individual Coaching Sessions

Participants will receive four 45-minute personal coaching sessions to integrate the concepts of the program.

Phase 3 Coaching Others

Participant shall coach 3 individuals using the tools and techniques from this program and document a minimum of 20 coaching hours and submit client evaluations of the process before taking a written exam.

Phase 4 Certificate Process

Upon successful completion of phases 1, 2, and 3, the participant may take a written exam. Upon passing, the participant will receive a certificate designating him/her as a Certified Leadership Coach through Impact Training & Development.