Corporate Coach Program

Leading to the designation, Registered Corporate Coach™

IMPACT Training & Development offers the Corporate Coach Program, leading to the designation, Registered Corporate Coach™.

This designation program is:

  • Specifically designed for coaches, consultants, managers, therapists, human resource professionals and trainers who want to coach within a business environment
  • A streamlined advance study program for people who have significant professional or business experience

This designation is awarded to those individuals who pass a screening interview, successfully complete an accelerated business and corporate focused coach training program that includes demonstrating both fundamental and advanced coaching skills, and join the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches (WABC).

What You'll Learn

By successfully completing this program you will learn:

  • A model for the effective coaching conversation
  • The difference between coaching, managing, consulting and other professional interactions
  • The key skills necessary to be an effective coach
  • Specific tools to use with common coaching topics addressed in the corporate setting
  • A system for adapting to the style of your coaching
  • Your own strengths and growth areas as a coach

Eligibility Requirements

Corporate Coach Program participants join the WABC as part of the Corporate Coach Program. Those who are eligible to join the WABC are eligible to participate in the Corporate Coach Program. Minimum requirements are:

  • Seven years of professional or business experience
  • Transitioning into business coaching

This course is appropriate for those who want to learn the philosophy and skill set used in business coaching. Coaches, human resource professionals, managers, therapists and trainers are common in the Corporate Coach Program.

This course is NOT appropriate for those seeking to become ONLY personal coaches or who have not had experience either formally or informally coaching others.


To Receive the Registered Corporate Coach™ Designation.

Phase 1 - Two day workshop (Corporate Coach Program) designed to emphasize rapid application of practical principles, skills and techniques.

Sample content of the RCC program:

  1. Overview of Executive Coaching and Corporate coaching
    • Main topics: Introduction to corporate coaching, definitions of coaching, coaching on life balance, and blocks to success and accountability.
    • Main coaching skills: Assessment and listening
    • Tools: Life Balance Wheel, Work Balance Wheel, and Blocks to Success List
  2. Coaching Career Issues in the Corporate Setting.
    • Main topic: Career issues
    • Main coaching skill: Asking powerful questions
    • Tools: The Career Projection Exercise
  3. Dealing with Stress and Emotions in the Workplace.
    • Main topic: Self-induced and other forms of stress
    • Main coaching skill: Self-management
    • Tools: Truth Talk Thought Tracking System©
  4. Dealing with Differences in the Corporate Setting.
    • Main topics: Dealing with conflict and motivating individuals with different behavioral styles
    • Main coaching skills: Understanding differences; motivating others
    • Tools: Everything DiSC Workplace Assessment and the Work of Leaders Assessments
  5. Organizational Skills
    • Main topics: Organizational strategies
    • Main coaching skills: Goal-setting, accountability, and structuring
    • Tools: Time Mastery├é┬« Assessment, Storyboarding and the 5-step model for structuring sessions

Phase 2: Coaching Requirement

  • Complete 4 forty-five minute follow-up sessions with assigned coach to have experience of professionally coaching. Participant will work on goals created during workshop and also share experiences of coaching others.
  • Participant shall coach 3 or more individuals using the tools and techniques from this program and document a minimum of 30 coaching hours before taking a written exam.
  • Participant will complete required paperwork

Phase 3: Exam

  • Once all paperwork has been received and reviewed, participant is eligible to complete the exam. Upon successful completion of all course requirements and exam, results will be forwarded to the business office of the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches (WABC).

Receive the RCC Designation and Certificate

  • You will receive the Registered Corporate Coach™ designation and a certificate commemorating this achievement from WABC

Worldwide Association of Business Coaches Membership

You must be a member in good standing to receive the RCC designation. A one-year WABC Affiliate Membership is included in your program package, with the option of upgrading to a WABC Full Membership providing you meet the qualification requirements and pay the difference in membership fees. You do not need to maintain WABC membership beyond the first year to maintain your RCC designation. Course requirements & exam must be completed six (6) months to date of the finish of the course.

Program Includes

  • 60 hours of instruction, preparation and coaching practice time
  • Corporate Coach Program Manual
  • The DiSC® Personal Profile System® from Inscape Publishing
  • The Time Mastery Profile System® from Inscape Publishing
  • Personal Listening Profile®
  • 4 sessions of personal coaching with a Corporate Coach Program Coach
  • One-year WABC Affiliate Membership*

Program Fee $2650 Includes all of the above.

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Program Outcomes

By the end of the Corporate Coach Program program it is our goal that each participant will have:

  • The experience of being coached by a professional corporate coach
  • Several opportunities to practice coaching and being coached by others around professional issues
  • The ability to apply key coaching skills like: 10 Powerful Questions, self-management, metacommunication, and S.M.A.R.T. goal setting to a broad variety of corporate coaching experiences
  • An enjoyable experience in a hands-on, practical workshop designed to maximize learning and the rapid application of concepts
  • An understanding of how to market yourself to executives, corporations and organizations
  • A clear understanding of the difference between consulting, coaching and counseling
  • A level of comfort with the process of corporate coaching
  • A demonstrated knowledge of the 5 step coaching process
  • The skills to coach others using the DiSC® Personal Profile System®, and the Time Mastery Profile®.
  • Proficiency to use story boarding techniques, the Career Projection© exercise, and the TruthTalk Thought Tracking System© in their coaching

Steps To Register

  1. Pass a screening interview with the Corporate Coach Program Instructor Nancy Allen, by emailing her ( or calling (770) 696-3369 You'll need to meet these minimum WABC qualification standards:
    • Be transitioning into, or in the early years of, business coaching practice, either as an external or internal coach
    • Have at least seven (7) years’ business and/or organizational experience (this refers to coaching and non-coaching working experience in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors)
  2. Submit the program registration form and remit full payment of the Corporate Coach Program which also includes a one-year WABC Affiliate Membership* to your Corporate Coach Program Instructor before commencement of program.
  3. Participants who already have a minimum of three years' business coaching experience may elect to apply for Full Membership--our highest level membership at this time--for an additional fee. For WABC membership application and additional information, please visit us here:
  4. Successfully complete all the Corporate Coach Program program requirements within six months of course start date if you're intending on seeking the WABC Registered Corporate Coach™ designation. These requirements include completing a minimum of 30 hours of corporate coaching clients with a minimum of 3 different clients. Three of those clients must complete coaching evaluations which indicate the client's perspective on the coaching experience.
  5. Submit completed work to the Corporate Coach Program Instructor for review and approval.
  6. Once the Corporate Coach Program Instructor has determined that the participant has successfully completed the requirements, the instructor will email the Corporate Coach Program exam to the participant. Once the exam is completed and passed, the instructor will forward the participant's name to WABC.
  7. WABC will then contact the participant about receiving the WABC Registered Corporate Coach designation and certificate.

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Approved by HRCI for 14.5 Recertification Credits FOR SPHR and PHR Human Resource Professionals

For Groups

Organizations seeking to credential five or more individuals are encouraged to consider an on-site training program. It is structured for internal coaches working with employees, and addresses how to use coaching to handle the most common issues faced by corporate employees, managers and executives. RCC coaches have significant life experience working in business and/or with performance issues.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

There is a 50% refund for cancellation 30 days prior to the program start date and no refund if you cancel less than 30 days prior to the program start date. However, all proceeds can be applied to future classes within the same calendar year and any monies paid are transferable to other individuals within the same corporation.

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