Accelerate Productivity With Corporate Coaching!

Coaching leads to insight, learning, and improvement--critical factors for individual and organizational growth.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is not something that comes to mind when it comes to professional and corporate settings. Coaching is actually is a really strategic option to take if you or your company are looking to evolve and grow in efficiency and production.

Our coaches are very high quality that they create an Impact by Coaching. Coaches can provide you with some of the best ideas and concepts to increase customer satisfaction and revenues from all ends of the spectrum. Coaches provide a trusting relationship and guidance on what the best options are to take for progress in creating smooth operations in a corporate setting.

It's Not Just For Athletes Anymore! Coaching is a one-on-one trusting relationship with a qualified coach who facilitates and guides you to achieve results in areas important to you. Coaches are described as the "secret power" by Fortune and "invaluable" by Time magazines. Businesses and corporations who hire coaches routinely report increased sales, greater life satisfaction, higher productivity, and less stress.

"A coach is a partner in achieving goals, a champion during a turnaround, a trainer in communication and life skills, a sounding board when making choices, and your partner in living the life you know you're ready for, personally and professionally." -- Thomas Leonard, founder, Coach University.

Impact Coaching specializes in the development of individuals. We offer coaching to support individuals in reaching goals faster. Our coaches are experienced, certified, and regularly assessed to ensure their competence. We often use assessments such as the DiSC Profile, the Personal Listening assessment, the Time Mastery assessment and an Emotional Intelligence assessment to enhance the coaching process.

A Coach Provides The Following

Tools, information, guidance, support and structure to help individuals achieve more than they might be able to achieve on their own.

Coaches can give you the tools to assist in various aspects in many different corporate settings. Tools may come as skills and techniques that have proven to produce great results. It can be very beneficial to get assistance from an outside source because our coaches have different perspectives that can be overlooked from an inside perspective.

Our coaches can provide you with all the information you need to go forward with any big decisions that you may have coming in the future. They can provide different views on what to do and you can decide with the coach on what options are the best to take. The coach is there to provide you with all the information you need for any decision you may encounter in a professional setting.

Guidance is one of the most important elements that a coach can provide to you. The coach is there to train and guide you in the correct direction. The coach has an important point of view and can provide you with the feedback you need to improve processes in the corporate setting.

What Are the Steps in the Coaching Process?

If you are looking to try a new path, a coach can provide you with the support you need to go on this new venture. The coach will assess the situations you present and will provide you with the information, guidance, and support to move one with the decision.

Structure is one of the most important elements in a corporate setting. If a strong structure is not present other elements can fail and the structure can break. A coach can provide an individual with important techniques to build a strong structure and maintain it. Organization is a very important element that needs to be maintained. Our highly trained coaches can assess your current structure and develop a way for you to build it stronger. They are trained to know how to keep these important processes from crumbling.

A coach will first take an assessment of your situation and look at all aspects. The coach will look at strong points and will look at weak points. The coach will then want to know what you want to achieve by using his services. If you want to receive support in decision making, they can do that. If you want to produce better results in a certain area in a corporate settings a coach will develop a solution that you can implement to produce those desired outcomes. After deciding what you want to achieve through seeking a coach, the coach will come up with the perfect plan to accomplish those goals. There can be various plans for various situation. Our coaches do not have generic plans that they implement. They customize the perfect plan for you specifically because we know that every situation will be different and will have different results. After executing the plan the coach will continually follow up with you to track progress on the plan. The coach wants to see the plan in action and wants to see if it is being effective.

  1. Meeting to introduce coaching and assessment options with client and stakeholder
  2. Determination of desired outcomes
  3. Action planning
  4. Ongoing sessions review progress and establish new strategies and actions

You can meet with the coach in whatever way is most convenient to you. We understand that you are a busy individual and want to provide you with the most value at your convenience. You can meet with the coach in whatever way is most convenient to you. We understand that you are a busy individual and want to provide you with the most value at your convenience.

Most engagements are 6 months in duration and consist of either two or four scheduled sessions per month along with unlimited communication as needed in between sessions. Select your choice of various blends of face to face and virtual meetings. Every engagement is custom tailored to the particular needs of the client.

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