What Our Graduates Say About The Corporate Coach Program
I have taken a longer coaching program and this was a very expedient way to learn useful coaching skills and was fun. Jan Nedin, Trainer/Coach, Ohio Permanente Medical Group
The coaching exercises that were real life scenarios helped to apply the information learned. Really liked the exercises and assessments. This course does a good job of drawing the line between coaching and counseling. I think it would be very beneficial for many of our managers who were identified to need coaching skills in a 360 assessment process. Anonymous, Medical Group
Concepts were useful even though I thought I understood basics of coaching. There is obviously much more I can learn. Lyn Fay, Ohio Savings Bank, Learning & Performance Consultant
Very valuable experience and tools. Would recommend to all the Professionals who act in a business partner role. Great critique of coaching from the facilitators. Andrea Mirsalimi, HR Manager, Guidant Corp
I really appreciated the real life opportunities to coach and be coached. The goals set and action plans created as a result of the practice sessions were very valuable. The feedback from the practice sessions was very valuable. Lauren Zimmerman, Ohio Savings Bank, Learning & Performance Consultant
This program has energized me to be more effective in my work and personal life. I would highly recommend it to others who want to make more of an impact on coaching others. Iris Smyers, Director, Human Resources, Kaiser Permanente
The Registered Corporate Coach offers practical skills and tools for coaching others, and for self-assessment and action planning. The structure of having follow-up coaching sessions provides the "how to" for moving coaching forward in my organizations. Trish Rouru, Director Real Estate, Progressive Insurance
Great Course! To the point! Good use of time! Thanks so much for the training. I can't believe I learned so much in just two days. Of course, your coaching afterwards was very beneficial. John Carter, Managing Partner, Carter & Carter LCC, Retired VP, Bell South Executive
The information most impactful to me was the variety of tools and resources available to use with coaching clients to affect change. It also helped me gain a better understanding of myself, which is helpful as I begin my coaching journey. Sylvia Culver, HR Manager, Atlanta-Fulton Public Library System
I liked the way it's delivered not only to impact our coaching clients, but to benefit us as participants. I received a lot of coaching through the exercises that will help me in my life. The career projection exercise made quite an impact on me. I'll use it! I also appreciated the exposure to Story Boarding and will use it as well. Walter Fordham, Professional Development Adviser, CARE Int'l
I appreciated learning more about using assessments and the Story Boarding exercise. I think it is a great course for beginning and experienced coaches. I have gone through other coach specific training and this course gave me more in the way of assessments and tools to use in organizational coaching. Henry Leads, President, HL Leeds International
The use of the diagnostic tools, especially DiSC, is very valuable to use in a coaching relationship. I can't compare this to other coach training because I have not been through them. However, comparing this with other types of human relations training I have taken, I can honestly say this is the best value amongst all the 2 -day training programs I have experienced. Kevin Cruse, SPHR, Consultant, Culver & Cruse


What Our Graduates Say about Leaders Coaching Leaders
All of it was excellent and will help me in my role at work. My hope is to enroll our Senior Executives staff into the training for leaders. Eddie Wills, Jr. MD, Assistant Medical Director,, Professional Development and Support Services, Ohio Permanente Med. Group, Inc.
This program left no stone unturned. The training was thorough and the rest of the certification process will build confidence and skills. Diane Bogino, Grow Know
Very comprehensive and informative. Covers basic skills and other topics and skills you haven't thought of. The most impactful information was the structure for coaching, listening skills, and tying it together with emotional intelligence. Diana T. Bragg, President, Talent Development, OnSite Resource Solutions
The skills learned can be applied in personal and professional relationships. I really liked the Emotional Intelligence concept of 'feelings drive behavior.' Jim Trip, Training and OD Professional
Emotional Intelligence and how it applies to coaching was great. I gained many personal insights. Judy Spicer, Manager, Human Resources, The McGraw-Hill Companies
The information I found most helpful was Emotional Intelligence and its application to coaching and developing leaders. Also coaching for performance, creating a purpose statement, and the tools and assessments were very helpful. Mary C. Simpson, Administrator, Business & Industry, Columbus State
I'm a believer in personal and professional development and I encourage others to enroll in the program. The five step coaching process and the questions to use when coaching were outstanding. Clay Barnard, Assistant VP Student Affairs, Case Western Reserve University