Coca Cola

As its name tells it is the world's biggest beverage company that is serving globally with its products. There are number of employees working with coca cola Company which are trained by us and also there some of the existing employees that have been trained from us. We make your dreams come true for working with a big brand.

International Bank of Commerce

It is the largest bank of America and it has the largest monetary ownership in the USA. It has its headquarters in Laredo, Texas. Many of our trainees got placed with this bank and are still serving this bank very well. Even they have helped a lot in raising the economy.


It is a company which is situated in Atlanta and deals with credit cards and loan purposes. As this took many years to establish, now it is one of the most recognized credit card and Loan Companies of America. This company is always in a search of high goal oriented people and people with strict business ethics to deal with work within the company.


One of the leading mutual insurance companies with its headquarters in Seattle. It deals with the insurance of auto, home and umbrella insurance for the public. It has earned many awards like BEST ANNOUNCER, BEST OF SHOW and many others.

United States Environmental Protection Agency

It is a Federal Government owned company which deals in protecting environment and human health. It is one of the greatest clients of our organization.

Sunny Delight

It is an American beverage company which produces soft drinks and is very popular among the people of America and also in other countries.

These are the only few clients mentioned, but we have many more valuable clients to work with them.